Keychron K10 Full Size 104 Keys Bluetooth

410 AED

Keychron K10 Full Size 104 Keys Bluetooth is available in UAE.

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Keychron K10 Full Size 104 Keys Bluetooth – Features & Prices in UAE :

Keychron K10 Full Size 104 Keys Bluetooth Wireless/USB Wired Mechanical Gaming Keyboard for Mac with Gateron G Pro Brown Switch/RGB Backlight/Multitasking Computer Keyboard for Windows, Aluminum Frame

Product Dimensions
1.85 x 0.71 x 0.24 inches
Item Weight
0.035 ounces
Date First Available
January 21, 2022


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Questions & Answers – Keychron K10 Full Size 104 Keys Bluetooth :

➕ What is the price of Keychron K10 Full Size 104 Keys Bluetooth in UAE ?

The price of Keychron K10 Full Size 104 Keys Bluetooth in-store is 410 AED VAT.

➕ When Keychron K10 Full Size 104 Keys Bluetooth was released ?

The release date was January 21, 2022.

➕ What is the price of Keychron K10 Full Size 104 Keys Bluetooth cheap used ?

The price of Keychron K10 Full Size 104 Keys Bluetooth used is 284 AED VAT.

➕ What are the main characteristics of Keychron K10 Full Size 104 Keys Bluetooth ?

Special specifications :

➕ Is it interesting to buy this product ?

The best people who can answer you are customers who have already bought and tested this product (See Customer Reviews). This product is rated 4.6 / 5 on Amazon.

➕ Where to buy Keychron K10 Full Size 104 Keys Bluetooth in UAE ?

Mall, Supermarkets, Amazon, Specialized stores, ….


Technical specifications – Keychron K10 Full Size 104 Keys Bluetooth :


Compatible Devices
Laptop, Tablet, Smartphone
Connectivity Technology
Bluetooth & USB
Keyboard Description
Special Feature
Ergonomic, Backlit
Gateron G Pro Brown Switch
Number of Keys
Keyboard backlighting color support
Item Dimensions LxWxH
1.85 x 0.71 x 0.24 inches



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2 reviews for Keychron K10 Full Size 104 Keys Bluetooth

  1. B. B (verified owner)

    Great keyboard except not for wireless – After some frustrated wrangling trying to get the wireless connection work, I gave up and connected by USB via my monitor. It does connect via Bluetooth, but omg the lag is terrible. It effectively makes it unusable. To be fair, I knew going in this might be an issue (there are fair amount of posts complaining about it) and I’m equally inclined to chalk it up to quirks in Windows 11. Perhaps that will get ironed out in a future update. I’m disappointed I couldn’t get the wireless connectivity to work as I really don’t need more wires in my life, but there it is.

  2. F. M (verified owner)

    Been looking everywhere for this! – All I’ve wanted is an old school basic 104-key windows keyboard with mechanical keys like the old indestructible ones that is WIRELESS. I don’t need all the fancy multimedia – I just need something I can blast away at during my all day job of TYPING. Why is that so hard? This one DELIVERS. I love that is Cherry Brown keys, perfect. Standard 104 layout with FULL SIZED FUNCTION keys in their “normal” placement. Standard ENTER key (not the big one). And it has ON-BOARD controls for color and such so I don’t need the constant barrage of a driver install like the Razer one I just dumped in the garbage bin for this one. THANK YOU for this keyboard! So much so – I got TWO!

  3. K. F (verified owner)

    Clicky clacky goodness – This was the first clicky mechanical keyboard I’ve bought after many tactile and linear switch keyboards. I use it at home alone so it doesn’t annoy anyone. It sounds pretty good and feels pretty good to type on. Good build quality but I do wish the keys were a bit bulkier and the board a bit more heavy though, like the Ducky One 2.

  4. P. T (verified owner)

    A solid product packaged with care – As a college student who also does work from home and plays video games probably a lot more than I even should, this keyboard feels like an excellent investment if you plan to spend a lot of time on the computer. The frame is lovely, the leg stands having two different heights is something I appreciated, though I only use the taller one personally. They keys have a crisp response to them that’s hard for me to describe other than, it feels right. In honesty, I originally just looked for a replacement keyboard since my last one started dying this month, but this feels well worth it to me. Everything about this keyboard feels and looks quality, the singular issue I could see with it is that if you plan to move a lot, the keyboard is heavy, but I mean, hey, this is the metal frame version. If the quality is anything alike, you could probably go for the non aluminum frame if you wanna move around with it.

  5. L. Z (verified owner)

    Excellent mechanical keyboard with superb feel – Having tried a few mechanical keyboards, this one felt the best and improved my typing accuracy substantially.

  6. K. O (verified owner)

    Great Keyboard – This is my first mechanical keyboard in a very long time so not much I can compare to. The keyboard itself is very high quality/durable. The typing experience is taking time to adjust to, but it feels great – coming from a logi MX keys so very different experience. I really like the backlit keys (white profile) – I have no need for RGB but I really like that this keyboard doesn’t require yet another program running to control lighting and other features. I am using wired so not able to rate Bluetooth but I can confirm the wired connection is very reliable.

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