USB C Hub,Hiearcool USB C Adapter for

88 AED

USB C Hub,Hiearcool USB C Adapter for is available in UAE.

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USB C Hub,Hiearcool USB C Adapter for – Features & Prices in UAE :

USB C Hub,Hiearcool USB C Adapter for MacBook Pro/Air-Carbon Black

Product Dimensions
4.17 x 1.4 x 0.34 inches
Item Weight
1.8 ounces
Item model number
Date First Available
May 27, 2022
Dongguan Kingtron Electronics Technology Co.,Ltd
Country of Origin


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Questions & Answers – USB C Hub,Hiearcool USB C Adapter for :

➕ What is the price of USB C Hub,Hiearcool USB C Adapter for in UAE ?

The price of USB C Hub,Hiearcool USB C Adapter for in-store is 88 AED VAT.

➕ When USB C Hub,Hiearcool USB C Adapter for was released ?

The release date was May 27, 2022.

➕ What is the price of USB C Hub,Hiearcool USB C Adapter for cheap used ?

The price of USB C Hub,Hiearcool USB C Adapter for used is 58 AED VAT.

➕ What are the main characteristics of USB C Hub,Hiearcool USB C Adapter for ?

Special specifications :

➕ Is it interesting to buy this product ?

The best people who can answer you are customers who have already bought and tested this product (See Customer Reviews). This product is rated 4.6 / 5 on Amazon.

➕ Where to buy USB C Hub,Hiearcool USB C Adapter for in UAE ?

Mall, Supermarkets, Amazon, Specialized stores, ….


Technical specifications – USB C Hub,Hiearcool USB C Adapter for :


Carbon Black
Hardware Interface
USB, USB Type C, HDMI, USB 3.0
Compatible Devices
Smartphones, Tablets, Laptops, Card Readers, Televisions
Item Dimensions LxWxH
4.17 x 1.4 x 0.34 inches



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2 reviews for USB C Hub,Hiearcool USB C Adapter for

  1. L. T (verified owner)

    Great for 12″ MacBook – Been using this adapter with my 12″ MacBook, which only has one USB C port. Due to the nature of having only one port that is normally tied up with charging, it is essential to have an adapter such as this one for day to day use.

  2. R. I (verified owner)

    Nice compact hub. Perfect for laptop, phone, or tablet – Bought this to use with my MacBook mostly for usb and SD card reader. It works great for those and is a great size for mobility. A great thing about it, is that it has an HDMI port for dual monitor access but also it works to stream or mirror your ipad with no noticeable lag or latency. I can’t speak for phone or other mobile devices as I haven’t tried it, but it seems like as long as you have a usb c port for the device you are mirroring, u can mirror your it thru the HDMI to a TV or monitor. And with the compact size and design it is super easy and streamline and it doesn’t require additional power to do so. I also used it as a passthrough to charge my iPad. So I plugged the charging cord into the device and then plugged the usb C that’s on the device into my charging port on my iPad. I charged it that way for a few hours till it was charged and I didn’t notice any heat coming from the device either which is a plus for quality and design. Would definitely recommend and actually have recommended it to one of my friends already.

  3. S. K (verified owner)

    It works great, doesn’t take a lot of room in my travel bag and it is convenient – Can’t complain! It is small, fits into my computer bag and does exactly what I want it to do. Good choice. I actually now have 2 of them. I use one here at home and keep one in my travel bag so I don’t forget or lose one of them.

  4. Z. H (verified owner)

    Very useful and does what it says – By no means is this a luxury product. However it is practical. If you use of every socket it will charge everything that it can. In a pretty decent rate too.

  5. Z. E (verified owner)

    Well-machined, extremely sturdy. – I was worried that I was purchasing cheap junk. This exceeded my expectations in a very good way. It works perfectly fine (I have not tested the 100W pass-through, but I’m sure that they got their internal board from the same large manufacturer that so many others do. This thing is sturdy – I am a decently strong person, and I could not bend it with my bare hands the long way no matter how much I try. My partner and I are both computer people and we were both impressed. If you need a USB-C hub that doesn’t have the high-level capabilities that a Thunderbolt-based hub can provide, then get this one. The only downside for me is that it only offers two USB-A ports, but that is clearly advertised.

  6. T. M (verified owner)

    Second External Monitor Solved – I got a second monitor for my work laptop (ThinkPad T480s), and already had the first one running off of the only HDMI port on the computer. Plugged in this hub to the USB-C port I had available, and when I plugged in the second monitor via HDMI to the hub, it immediately recognized BOTH, and now I have 2 monitors and the laptop screen all working flawlessly. Absolutely no complaints, this solved a huge issue for me

  7. M. G (verified owner)

    Can drive display using iPad Pro – With release of iPadOS 16.2, I can confirm that this adapter will both screen mirror and extend a display using an iPad Pro 2022 11″ (M2). I tested after purchase a couple of weeks ago and no dice. Could screen cast over wifi but not drive a TV or external monitor via HDMI. So had fingers crossed that 16.2 (released by Apple this week) would deliver the goods and it did. With this adapter, you can extend the display and plug in a pointing device (e.g. mouse) which is required for Apple Stage Manager. Add a keyboard and your iPad can do perhaps 90% of the work of a laptop. This adapter is a good add for iPadPro 2022 M2 (and I’m guessing 2021 M1) users.

  8. D. A (verified owner)

    Worksd for USB C to HDMI to monitors – The Hiearcool USB C Adapter 7 in 1 Multport USB C to HDMI Dongle does work to stream video and audio to both of the monitors I use. The cord is TOO SHORT to be practical, so had to buy another cable to help. Have not tried the USB A ports, nor the card reader. The signal does occasionally die for several seconds, but not sure if a connection, heating, or power issue.

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